Neuroscience podcast: schizophrenia—bridging the divide between lab and clinic

Schizophrenia affects more than 21 million people worldwide. UQ Queensland Brain Institute neuroscientists are bridging the gap between lab research and clinical care. 

QBI’s Dr James Kesby recently received a $300,000 Advance Queensland Research Fellowship to fund his schizophrenia research. (Image: Nick Valmas / QBI).  

In a calendar full of awareness weeks and days, the need for a Schizophrenia Awareness Week (17–23 May, 2016) remains paramount.  Despite affecting more than 21 million people worldwide, schizophrenia is one of the most misunderstood disorders in the broader community, and one of the most puzzling for neuroscientists.  QBI’s Dr James Kesby recently received a $300,000 Advance Queensland Research Fellowship to research how the disorder develops, but also to bridge the divide between the laboratory and the clinic. 

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Presented by Kirsten MacGregor. Produced and edited by Donna Lu. 

A Grey Matter is the Queensland Brain Institute's podcast about neuroscience. It features music from Incompetech, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

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Last updated:
24 May 2016